GRI Graduation

31 Dec

2020 GRI Graduation

2020 GRI Graduation

Thursday, December 31, 2020 (11:00 PM to 11:30 PM)

You're Registered!
Are you ready to become a GRI Graduate? This online registration is step 3, part 1 of the GRI Graduation Process. Once you have registered online for graduation, nothing will be processed until you submit the completed GRI Graduation Application. On the application, you only need to note the date and location for GRI Core Courses. However, you must submit copies of completion forms for any equivalency credit designations or certificates.

Email the OAR Education Department if you have any questions. (

GRI Application Link:

Complete 30 hours of GRI Core Courses (
Complete 30 additional hours of GRI content - more GRI Core Course or Equivalency Credit (
Register for GRI Graduation online ($60) & submit your completed GRI Graduation Application with all required documentation to the OAR Education Department.
OAR will verify your application and notify you of your GRI status within 2 weeks.
OAR will email you GRI graduation confirmation and a social media GRI graduation "frame". You can begin using the GRI designation immediately after.
OAR will mail you an offical certificate and GRI pin to the address you list on your GRI Graduation Application.

OAR Live CoursesOAR reserves the right to cancel a course if a minimum enrollment* is not met, in which case a full refund would be given. OAR rarely cancels a class due to bad weather. Email all cancellation requests to *The number qualifying for minimum enrollment is determined by course provider. To receive a full refund, a cancellation request must be received via email ( 48-hours prior to the start of any class. Any cancellation request received after the 48-hour time period will result in no refund. No refunds or credit given for NO-SHOWS. Emergency cancellations may be considered by the course provider and will be reviewed on a case by case basis. OAR Live Courses & Online Courses Are NON-TRANSFERABLE.OAR live and online courses are different products. Time spent in each cannot be transferred from one to the other, or interchanged. All students should be advised that they are required to complete 100% of the OAR course solely live in the classroom or 100% of the OAR course solely online; if a student chooses to cancel from one mode to another, they must start the course again from the beginning. A cancellation must be approved by OAR.